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Talent Show on Home Video Network

Talent Show on Home Video NetworkTalent Show on Home Video Network

Vitrine, the first 'Iran's Got Talent' program is to be released on Tuesday, August 2, on the home video network.

The program is aimed at discovering new talents in Iran. It is comparable to talent shows produced in most countries, Mohsen Ehteshami, producer and director of Vitrine, was quoted as saying by Honaronline.

The talent seeking idea was thought of a couple of years ago by three producers: Hussein Toutounchian in music section and Morteza Shayesteh and Ali Atshani in cinema section. They are also jurors of the program. "I judged the miscellaneous works," Ehteshami said.

"All across the world, talent shows are evaluated by superstars; but we asked the producers to be the jury also," he said.

Contestants were invited via internet, and 500 applicants answered the call. There was no entrance fee for the talent hunt.

"Having no connection in the right places or financial support, some talented artists in the country can never find an opportunity to show their skills. With Vitrine, we hope to make significant strides" to harness Iranian talent, Ehteshami said.

The contestants compete with one another in the program, and the top artist after will be awarded 1 billion rials ($28,265).

The competitions include music, acting, performance, voice imitation, innovative presentations and other talents approved by the juries.

"In each of the six episodes of the program in three stages, the juries will announce one winner. People can join the program by voting for their favorite talent via SMS. Their votes will be counted in the final competition."

  Competing Process

The entire process will involve a total of 105 participants, who will ultimately be reduced to 21 after evaluation and elimination by the program juries.  The top five semi-finalists will compete in the final round and the winner will be announced.

"The finale will see a big celebration when all the semi-finalists will perform live and showcase their talents," before the finalist is chosen through a vote by the juries and the people.

"In cooperation with the sponsors we hope to make Vitrine an international program," Ehteshami said.

Vitrine is hosted by former TV presenter Javad Yahyavi.

Between 80,000 and 100,000 videos of the program are to be distributed by Persian Art Picture, an institute active in dubbing and distribution of video productions in Iran's home video network.