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‘Farewell’: A Mystical Tale

‘Farewell’: A Mystical Tale‘Farewell’: A Mystical Tale

‘Farewell’, a musical on the Battle of Karbala by Iranian artists Hesamedin Seraj, Mohammad Mirzamani and Vahid Jalilvand went on stage in Milad Tower auditorium on Thursday.

The live performance made use of music, songs and poetry to narrate the stories of innocent men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in their battle against oppression and injustice when Imam Hossein (AS) and his companions were martyred in Karbala on the day of Ashura (tenth day of month of Muharram), Honaronline reported.

Music composer Seyyed Mohammad Mirzamani and singer Hesamedin seraj, who had previously released a music album with the same title, made use of choir and orchestra to add to the glamour of the show.

‘Farewell’ lyrics are excerpts from Ganj-ul-Asrar, a set of prayers and epic poems by Oman Samani of late Qajar era. Oman Samani was in fact, the first poet who changed the reverent mood of Karbala poems and turned them into epic poems mixed with beautiful tales of love and enlightenment.

In the third consecutive year of the concert ritual, Vahid Jalilvand, the voice-over artist, actor and TV presenter declaimed the epic poems with his powerful voice. Apart from Ganj-ul-Asrar, poems by Iranian poets Qeisar Aminpour, Gholamreza Kafi and Alireza Qazve were also declaimed by the artist during the performance.

Timpani, Senj (Cymbal), Damameh and Daf were some of the instruments used in the performance which added to the “epic air of the performance” and went perfectly with the epic poems. In addition, an Iranian orchestra comprising string instruments, percussions and a 20 member choir accompanied the lyrics and poems.