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Costly Shirin & Farhad Legend on Manteau

Costly Shirin & Farhad Legend on ManteauCostly Shirin & Farhad Legend on Manteau

A raw silk manteau, illustrated with the tragic love story of Shirin and Farhad costing 200 million rials ($5,714) has been designed by fashion designer Sara Alemzadeh.

On this exotic piece of wardrobe, Alemzadeh has rendered scenes of the romantic story in miniature style. She has also handwritten a verse by Persian poet Vahshi Bafqi (1532-1583) on the dress.

The work took 245 hours and this is why Alemzadeh's miniature master Ensieh Najjarian set its price high.

In her handwork she followed the style of Iranian painter Hussein Behzad (1894-1968) who, in turn, had followed the styles of old masters of Persian paintings in the 16th and 17th centuries.

"The manteau was showcased at Tehran's Niavaran Palace for one week during which several people, including foreign tourists offered to buy it," the designer told ISNA.

Having received a positive feedback for her work, she is now planning a second manteau of this sort with a new design. "My aim is to promote the tradition of Persian miniatures and create awareness about Iranian mythology."

Although she is aware that few people will be able to afford such clothes considering the price, nevertheless, "I like to reflect Iranian culture in my work and revive the myths with miniatures and illuminated manuscripts."

"Most of our young people do not consider miniature or illumination seriously. They regard them as outdated styles of art fit for only page margins in traditional books. So I chose an emotional legend to draw young people's attention."

Alemzadeh has been learning miniature painting for two years in an intensive course under the tutelage of Najjarian. It is the first time she has rendered miniature on textile. The dress is washable, "although not the wash-and-wear type."