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Old Folk Hero Returns in Sheikhi’s New Tales

Old Folk Hero Returns in Sheikhi’s New TalesOld Folk Hero Returns in Sheikhi’s New Tales

The old Iranian folktale Hassan the Bald (Persian: Hassan Kachal) has returned anew in six volumes.

Children's story writer Mojgan Sheikhi, 53, has written a collection of stories in which the main characters of the folktale meet and start new adventures, ISNA reported.

The entire collection is titled Tales of Hassan the Bald.

The individual titles of the six volumes are: Hassan the Bald and the Shepherd who Lied; Hassan the Bald and the Rolling Pumpkin; Hassan and the Sugar Goat; Hassan and Pumpkin-Head; Hassan and Stone Garment; and Hassan and the Moon-Brow.

The series is set to be published by Zekr Publications. Somayeh Alipour, prolific illustrator has done illustrations which the author said "are noteworthy."

Born in Tehran, Sheikhi has authored over 80 published books for children and young adults. Many of her works are translated into several European languages.

Among her other books are: Hassani Did Not Return Home, Hassani and the Laughing Flower, Pictorial Tales From Parvin E'tesami, Sad Teapot, Small Tales for Small Kids, Sarvena and the Garden Maze, Diaries of a Crow, Doodle Doo Khan, Summer and the White Goose, Lady Turtle's Hat, A Donkey who Loved Ice cream and Mr. Mouse's Window.

She is also a winner of many prizes and awards, including the award of the 26th Yearbook of Iran and the international award of the 16th Yearbook in 2009, and a prize from Parvin E'tesami Festival.