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Exhibit by 30 Sculptors

Exhibit by 30 Sculptors Exhibit by 30 Sculptors

Iranian sculptor and painter Qordatollah Aqeli is organizing an exhibition to showcase a variety of works by different sculptors in late summer.

"A major focus of my exhibition titled '30 Sculptures, 30 Sculptors', is to bring the converging vision of 30 sculptors from three different generations veterans, middle-aged and young artists, under one roof " Aqeli told Mehr News Agency.

As the curator of the collective event, he said the idea originated on his website where 150 works are featured. "We selected some of the works and others were borrowed from senior artists."

The exhibition will represent a continuum of sculpturing in Iran and highlight the high and low points of the art. "There was a time when we were slow, and a time when we moved fast.

The event is meant to illustrate the variations and introduce artists of different age groups to one another. We want to refresh our memories," Aqeli added.

Aqeli, 47, is a member of the Iranian Society of Sculptors. He has participated in 20 individual fairs and 47 biennials and group exhibitions in Iran, Morocco, England, Ukraine, Germany, France and Qatar. His sculptures and reliefs have adorned museums, squares and public places in Iran.