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Art Fans, Buyers Swarm Tehran Golestan Gallery

Art Fans, Buyers Swarm Tehran Golestan GalleryArt Fans, Buyers Swarm Tehran Golestan Gallery

Art fans flocked to the Golestan Gallery in Tehran to visit and purchase artworks, as the 24th edition of the annual exhibition '100 Works, 100 Artists' opened on July 22.

The heavy traffic jams in the neighborhood and crowds going in and out of the gallery was a clear sign of the popularity of the exhibition, even after 24 years since its first display, among the public, and their interest to get involved in the cultural-economic scene, Honaronline reported.

The walls of the gallery are covered with artworks of different mediums and styles to appeal to various artistic tastes, from paintings to calligraphy and from realistic to abstract works.

Sculptures also form part of the exhibit. The works are presented in a wide range of reasonable prices so that people from different social strata can afford it.

Many works on sale cost $30-$60, some pieces are tagged at $300, and similar to previous years, the highest price tag is for a painting by the late contemporary poet Sohrab Sepehri ($70,000).

A total of 220 works are showcased from 195 artists from different cities including Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Babol, Kermanshah, Qom, Mashhad and Rasht. There are even works from expatriate artists living in Italy, France and Germany.

Gallery director Lili Golestan has made efforts to collect artworks from well-known artists as well as young talent and present them to art lovers.

On the first day, 26 paintings and 2 sculptures were sold, most of them created by young artists.

As always, when the sold items are taken away, other works by the same artists quickly replace the empty space so that every day visitors can see new works.

Lili, 72, founded Golestan Gallery in 1988 and since then has tried to make it easy for people to buy art, support new talent and young artists and take meaningful steps to expand the horizons of art in society.

The exhibition presents works of prominent and emerging artists including Aydin Aghdashloo, Monir Farmanfarmayan, Farideh Lashai, Nasser Ovisi, Bahram Dabiri, Reza Mafi, Hossein Mahjoubi, Bahman Nikoo, Shohreh Mehran and Golnaz Qadiri among others.

The exhibition will run till August 17, at No. 34, Shahid Kamasai Ave., Darouss.