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Busts of 14 Poets to Be Sculpted

Busts of 14 Poets to Be SculptedBusts of 14 Poets to Be Sculpted

Busts of 14 poets will be sculpted and installed in Tehran following a recommendation by Iranian Poets' Society, said Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi, cultural deputy of Tehran Beautification Organization (TBO).

A total of 122 artists submitted their resumes to the 'Symposium on Sculpting Busts of Poets', volunteering to commemorate the celebrated poets through their works. Of this number, 14 sculptors were selected by the TBO's Artistic Council.

"On Saturday, July 23, each selected sculptor will be commissioned to sculpt the bust of a poet after their names were selected in a random draw," ISNA reported.

The works of the 14 sculptors will be first displayed in the precincts of the Iranian Poets' Society located in Tehran's Kolahdouz Street.

Initially 10 poets were selected, but the number was increased to 14 after discussions between the TBO and the society's managing board.

The busts of the poets, and the artists for creating the sculptures, are as follows:

Poet and lyricist Parvin E'tesami (1907-1941) by Mansour Taheri; Persian poet and pioneer of 'New Poetry' Nima Youshij (1895-1960) by Hadi Arabnarmi; poet, writer and translator Tahereh Saffarzadeh (1936-2008) by Neda Ayati; Azeri and Persian poet Mohammad Hussein Shahriar (1906-1988) by Faezeh Badamchi; poet and painter Sohrab Sepehri (1928-1980) by Keyvan Pournasrinejad; poet, writer and journalist Manouchehr Atashi (1931-2005) by Mehdi Habibi; poet, writer and researcher Seyyed Hassan Hussein (1956-2004) by Reibin Heydari; Azeri lyricist Hussein Monzavi (1946-2003) by Ahmad Arabbeigi.

Poets Mehdi Akhavan Saless (1929-1990) by Bijan Ghonchepour; Qeysar Aminpour (1959-2007) by Mohsen Nasserian; Mehrdad Avesta (1930-1991) by Shahrokh Akbari Dilmaqani; Mahmoud Mosharraf Azad Tehrani (1934-2006) by Mohammad Beigzadeh; Salman Harati (1959-1986) by Alireza Aslanlou  and Moshfeq Kashani (1925-2015) by Ali Cheraghi, have also been selected.