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Second Showing of 'Depths of the Persian Gulf'

Second Showing of 'Depths of the Persian Gulf'Second Showing of 'Depths of the Persian Gulf'

Depths of the Persian Gulf, an exploration of the deep waters, will be broadcast by the state-owned IRIB documentary channel Mostanad from Saturday, July 23.

Ali Abdipour, 44, director and producer of the documentary spent five years (2010-2014) making the film on natural life deep under the Persian Gulf waters.

The 14-episode documentary was first broadcast in early spring by IRIB Channel Three.

Now, the documentary channel will show the series at 7 pm daily.

"I hope my work is watched by a large number of people so that I get the feeling that I haven't wasted five years of my life," Abdipour told Mehr News Agency.

A good documentary takes time to prepare, particularly if it deals with the underwater world where there are many technical complications, he added.

"Production of such programs is not financially feasible. As a producer of documentary films, my only sense of fulfillment comes from documenting facts about the unknown or less-known nature under the seas."

Abdipour expects to continue his research-based productions overseas. "I'm anxious to make a documentary on the coastal areas in the Gulf of Oman, before the coasts lose their charm."