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2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art at Niavaran Cultural Center

2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art at Niavaran Cultural Center2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art at Niavaran Cultural Center

Peace on Paper, the second edition of the Biennale of Iran’s Contemporary Art will be held July 22-31 at Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center (NCC).

The event is supported by Niavaran Foundation for Artistic Creations, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Abadan Museum of Contemporary Art, and Jome and Azad Art galleries.

Over 15 domestic and foreign galleries, art institutes and cultural foundations are participating in the biennale at the NCC’s Gallery 1, reported Mehr News Agency.  

Sixty paintings, 50 photographs, 20 drawings and 10 art installations will be showcased. In addition to these works, 10 video arts will be on view.

The biennale is a convergence of 130 works by artists including pioneer of Iranian modern art, painter and sculptor Hossein Zenderoudi, 79, and acclaimed painters Pariyoush Ganji, Kourosh Shishegaran and Fereydoun Ave.

The event also features works of many other celebrated artists such as: painter and graphic designers Farah Osouli and Fereydoun Omidi; painters Pantea Rahmani, Mehrdad Mohebali, Narges Hashemi, Ramtin Zad and Shadi Noyani; multidisciplinary artists Soheila Sokhanvari and Houman Mortazavi; writer, photographer and film director Mitra Tabrizian; and photographer Shadi Qadirian, drawing artist Farhad Gavzan and painter Qasem Hajizadeh who is considered as a pioneer of pop art in contemporary Iranian art.

Works of the late artist, illustrator and cartoonist Ardeshir Mohases (1938-2008) and painter Farideh Lashai (1944-2013) will also be on display.