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Attar’s Biographical Fiction Published by Sooremehr

Attar’s Biographical Fiction Published by SooremehrAttar’s Biographical Fiction Published by Sooremehr

A biographical fiction of Persian poet, theoretician of Sufism and hagiographer, Attar of Nishabur (1145-1221) has been published by Sooremehr Publications, the publishing center of the Tehran-based ‘Hozeh Honari’ (art center).

Iranian writer Razieh Tojjar, 69, has authored a book on the life of the celebrated Sufi poet, which is titled ‘Az Khak ta Aflak’ (From Earth to Skies). The book is among a series of works on the lives of Persian literary figures, produced under the auspices of the Art Bureau of Islamic Propagation Organization, Mehr News reported.

Other books of Tojjar include ‘Lady of Rainbow,’ ‘Biography of Ashraf Qandahari,’ ‘Journey to the Roots,’ ‘Glass Woman’ and a collection of stories in ‘All the Narcissus.’

Attar has described the seven stages of spirituality in his most famous work ‘The Conference of the Birds’. Several musical artists have albums or songs which share the name of this work as well as the themes of enlightenment contained therein.

Biographical fiction is fiction which takes a historical individual and recreates elements of their life in turn telling a fictional narrative, usually in the genres of film or novel.