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New Iranian 3D Adventure Video Game Ready

New Iranian 3D Adventure Video Game Ready
New Iranian 3D Adventure Video Game Ready

The Iranian computer video game ‘Murder in Tehran’s Alleys 2’ (MITA2) developed by the company Rasana Shokooh-e Kavir (RSK) will be released on July 21.

A third-person 3D action/adventure game, the game happens in the present time and tells the story of an addict who kills his family after using drugs. Later, when he realizes what he has done, he decides to take revenge on everyone who made him an addict. Simultaneously, a police officer in charge of his case is after him, trying to prevent further killings.

The game is set in an open world where a player can move freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives. It has over 8 hours of gameplay, 33 characters, over 1500 dialogues, 13 mini games and more than 30 interactive puzzles, Mehr News Agency reported.

Parts of the game have been made based on the famous movie ‘Seven’ by David Fincher, which was about a serial killer who murders seven people whom he found guilty of committing the seven deadly sins (in Christianity).

During different levels of the game, gamers should solve engaging and interactive puzzles and find clues to the mystery of murders happening throughout the game.

With a focus on the side effects of the synthetic drug crystal meth, the game has won the award for the best narrative at the 5th Tehran Video Game Festival.

MITA2 is the latest production of the developer RSK and Modern Company, investor and distributor. The two companies have already cooperated in making a number of games in Iran.

In 2009, ‘A Murder in the Alleys of Tehran, 1933’ was welcomed by critics and audience. It was distributed abroad by the British company Lace Mamba Games Ltd. ‘Ali-Mardan’s Mischiefs’ was also considered a hit not only in Iran, but also internationally as it was released online by the Swedish company GamersGate. Last year, British video game company Kingstill International Software Service presented ‘Dark Years’ at the 7th Gamescom, Europe’s top gaming event, and released it in the UK markets as well as the world’s top digital distribution platforms including Steam.

A number of foreign video game companies are in talks with RSK and Modern to purchase the rights for the international distribution of MITA2.

Established in 2006, RSK Entertainment specializes in the production of computer games. The young talented people at the company have so far produced eight titles, some of which have entered global markets.

Iran is currently the best video game producer in the Middle East. Although still a young industry in the country, over 200 PC, mobile and online games have been developed by  local companies over the past 10 years with a handful finding their way to the international market.