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Shakespeare’s Play on Stage

Shakespeare’s Play on StageShakespeare’s Play on Stage

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare’s famous comedy will be staged at Tehran Independent Theater from July 17.

The play is directed by Mostafa Koushki who has rewritten the script in cooperation with Soroush Baqeri. They made something “different”, in a language “between Shakespearean style and everyday talk”, Koushki told YJC.

The performance is based on dialogues that are not in a special literary style. “We used a particular intonation for the words. We also introduced a side story and replaced peddlers with wandering musicians.”

The work is among the most charming comedies of Shakespeare, whose text is imbued with a strong magic,” Koushki said.

He believes that theater possesses certain magic. “In no other performance art this sort of magical essence is found.”

 Comedy or Tragedy

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is often thought as light-hearted and funny. However the work has in fact tragic implications, Koushki noted.

A deep ironic contrast exists between manner and matter, between style and content, between the way people are behaving and what the words are actually saying, London Grip Magazine ( said of the play.

“But it had to be happily ended,” because Shakespeare was commissioned to present it as a wedding night entertainment at an aristocratic wedding.

The music is directed by Behrang Abbaspour.  The cast are Azadeh Samadi, Mohammad Sadeq Malek, Sajad Baqeri, Shahrouz Delafkar, Roshanak Gerami, Majid Norouzi, Nazafarin Kazemi, Houman Kiaee, Nazanin Babaee and Ghazal Shojaee.

The play will run through August 17.