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Women in Mythical Figures

Women in Mythical FiguresWomen in Mythical Figures

The painting exhibition of young artist Najva Erfani titled ‘Lion Woman’ opened on Friday, July 15, at Tehran’s Azad Art Gallery.

The exhibition includes a collection of paintings which Erfani has created during the past two years, in which the portrayed women are symbols of today’s women caught in the conflict in some parts of the Middle East, reported.

Her artworks mostly focus on women’s status in the past as well as present. Presented in the form of mythical images, the figures represent the different faces of women from a historical perspective in a critical way.

Women in the artist’s paintings are the source of creativity and power, of thoughts of love and resourcefulness. However, in some of the Middle East countries, women’s power, thoughts, creativity and passion, has been reduced in their fight for survival, which the artist has portrayed in some of her works.

Erfani, 32, is a graduate of Tehran University of Art. She has illustrated over 30 children and young adults’ books, has two murals in Tehran and has held several solo and group exhibitions in Iran, Denmark and Serbia.

The paintings are on display until July 20 at the gallery located at No. 5, Salmas Sq., Fat’hi Shaqaqi St.