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Award-Winning Filmmaker Makes New Animation

Award-Winning Filmmaker Makes New AnimationAward-Winning Filmmaker Makes New Animation

The young filmmaker Mahboobeh Mohammadzaki, who has participated in several international festivals with her short animation ‘Digital Native’ and won awards, has finished production of her latest animation ‘Pink’.

The new work is now ready to be submitted to international festivals, which Mohammadzaki’s had in mind from the beginning, Mehr News Agency reported.

Targeting adult audiences, ‘Pink’, also scripted by her, is about a woman suffering from a severe disease and her determination to overcome it.

“Most of the patients, who are afflicted with certain diseases, suffer mentally and emotionally as well as endure physical pain; at times the mental agony creates more trouble. The fear of death, social problems and an uncertain future are among their primary concerns,” she said.

The young director has tried to depict a part of the ailing woman’s routine life. “The female character in the animation tries to overcome her illness based on hope. Sometimes she is afraid, but her spirit is not broken. She hovers between dream and reality and parts of the film represent her desire to move to the spiritual world,” Mohammadzaki noted.

Themes of life, hope and eternity are included in ‘Pink’ which can have an international appeal.

Her 2014 ‘Digital Native’ was the story of a woman who uploads a fetus and the ensuing conflict between the woman, the fetus and the digital world around them.

It won the best screenwriter award at the eighth National and fourth International Parvin Etesami Film Festival in 2014 as well as the grand prize of the experimental section at the 31st International Tehran Short Film Festival in 2014. It also attended events in the Netherlands, Brazil and Austria.

Mohammadzaki, 31, studied Graphic Design at Semnan University of Art and also animation at Soore Art University. Currently she lives and works in Tehran.