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Da Theater to Stage Dutch ‘Green Screen’

Da Theater to Stage Dutch ‘Green Screen’  Da Theater to Stage Dutch ‘Green Screen’

Dutch actress and theater director Marene Miller, also known as Marene van Holk, has brought her play ‘Green Screen’ on stage at Tehran’s Da Theater Hall.

The one-hour play will open on Friday (July 15) and run through August 5.

Miller, 33, will not act this time; she is the concept designer and director of the play. In November 2014, she had collaborated in a multi-media theater performance in Tehran.

Green Screen is about illegal immigration and seeking asylum via Turkey to Greece and other countries in Europe. Migration is not a new development, but has got new dimensions as a result of the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, Miller told Mehr News Agency.

The cast are Babak Beigzadeh, Khosro Pesyani, Negin Tabara, Parisa Moqtadi, Hadid Taqiyar, Diba Khatami, Mina Doroudian, Amir Hossein Taheri, Shahriar Fard, Mina Malek Mohammadi and Meysam Mirzaee.

The play which will have two stagings daily at 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm is a joint project of Netherland’s STET The English Theater and Tehran’s Virgule Performance Arts Company.

The collaboration with STET started when Virgule’s founder and artistic director Arvand Dashtaray met Miller at the 2011 Spoleto Theater Festival. They decided to invite a group of performers from Europe to Tehran.

STET and Virgule try to shed light on intercultural misunderstandings and use theater as a bridge between image and reality. Their first collaboration in Tehran was a multi-media speech performance held in November 2014 called ‘London, Rome, Tehran, Amsterdam Reconsider Your Image of Me,’ in which Miller had participated.

The performance examined “the images that we have of ‘the other’, and to what extent fear, fantasy and imagination is based on truth.”

By initiating a direct meeting with “the other” and listening to each other’s stories, the show aimed to create new images, based on the stories of the people who wouldn’t usually make the headlines.

The second phase of the performance took place in the Netherlands in autumn 2015.

Dashtaray worked with Dutch dramaturge Cecil Brommer on the same concept but from a Dutch perspective.

Marene Miller is mostly known through her acting career. She has played in Thy Neighbor (2015), Eye of the Vulture (2014) and Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This (2014).