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2 Iranian Curators at ICOM

2 Iranian Curators at ICOM2 Iranian Curators at ICOM

The 24th General Conference of ICOM (International Council of Museums) was held in Milan in early July. The major global museum event brought together more than 3,500 museum professionals from 130 countries.

From Iran, 30 curators and executives of ICOM national committee participated in the event, ISNA reported. Among them, two Iranian curators were appointed to the council for three years.

In 2013, the Tehran-based Iran Medical Sciences History Museum was registered in UMAC’s database as the first museum from Iran.

At the general conference, Fatemeh Ahmadi, curator of the museum was selected as a member of the executive board of UMAC, the International Committee for University Museums and Collections.

UMAC is a forum for all those working in, or associated with, academic museums, galleries and collections. It is concerned with the collections within higher education institutions and the communities they serve. It provides members opportunities to: identify partnership concerning the resources in the collections; share knowledge and experience; and enhance access to museum collections. The aim is to protect the heritage in the care of universities. UMAC communicates with its members when required and advises ICOM and other professional bodies on matters within its jurisdiction.

The other Iranian curator, Damon Monzavi, managing director of Gem Stones Museum at Tehran’s Sadabad Historical-Cultural Complex, was appointed as an advisor to Marjo Ritta Saloniemi, chairperson of Marketing and Public Relations (MPR) at the ICOM’s International Committee for Marketing and Public Relations.

MPR brings together museum professionals working in marketing, communications and development (fund-raising). It provides its members with the opportunity for professional growth, works to develop good communications and marketing practices, and encourages professional networking among professionals. It acts as an advisor to ICOM when required.

MPR provides information to its members and other professionals through publication of books and newsletters as well as electronic media. It conducts annual meetings that bring together communications and marketing professionals from museums and other fields.