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7 Iranian Artists in Portugal

7 Iranian Artists in Portugal7 Iranian Artists in Portugal

Works of seven Iranian artists are part of the second ART-MAP which is underway in Ponte de Lima, Portugal.

ART-MAP is a curatorial initiative to promote the work of artists in medium size cities in Portugal via a circuit of curated art exhibitions in municipal galleries around the country and at an online gallery.

The title of ‘Re-Cognition’ has been selected for this year’s edition which will continue until the end of August at several locations: the authentic historical buildings, which have been converted into art galleries.

Charismatic spaces, such as a medieval prison, tower, a castle and an old chapel have acquired new functions as exposition pavilions but the historical charms still prevail.

Iranian artist Reza Rafiei Rad is one of the participants in the exhibition who has one work on display. “My piece is a three-panel artwork on the aesthetic recognition of traditional Iranian products,” Honaronline quoted him as saying.

Besides Rafiei Rad, Roya Rouhani, Ali Alkbar Khatibzadeh, Mohammad Ali Famori, Hamid Nourabadi and Abdolreza Rabeti are present with their works each having up to three pieces showcased.

In general, about 500 artworks are presented at a total of 15 venues by artists from Canada, Brazil, Poland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Sweden, Russia, Italy, India and many other countries.

The artworks will be promoted through the website, printed materials, event maps, newsletters, social media platforms and public activities.

Presenting talented artists’ works through a circuit of moving exhibitions is an inspiring way of introducing them to the audiences. Vivid curatorial dialog between the creative flow and equitable management establishes cultural landmarks and opens new possibilities to experience art.

Ponte de Lima is a very well conserved and cheerful heritage town in Portugal. It has active cultural life and recently became a popular destination for a cultural tourism. Yearly this place holds internationally renowned art, sport and music festivals.