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Rare Orchestra With 40 Flutists

Rare Orchestra With 40 FlutistsRare Orchestra With 40 Flutists

The Tehran Flute Choir, led by master flutist Firouzeh Navaee, will perform an instrumental concert with 40 flutists at Tehran’s Roudaki Hall on July 27-28.

It is a rare event in Iran to have an orchestra with musical instruments of the same family. Previous instances include that of the ‘tonbak’ (a goblet-shaped Persian drum) repertoires conducted by musician Hossein Tehrani (1912-1974) and percussionist Mohammad Esmaili, 82; ‘kamancheh’ (bowed-stringed instrument) ensemble led by composer and player Navid Dehqan, 32, and ‘santur’ (hammered dulcimer) performance by musician Siamak Aqaee, 42.

The 40 flute players came together to form the Tehran Flute Choir in late 2015 under the patronage of musician Navaee, 62. It is now the largest flute choir in Iran with members mostly from the young talented flutists of the Iranian Flute Association, IRNA reported.

The flute choir will feature piccolo, flute, alto flute and bass flute. The event will be directed by Navaee and conducted by her husband Saeed Taqadosi, who is a proficient flutist. Taqadosi has also worked in Tehran Symphony Orchestra.