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Golden Pen Withholds Awards

Golden Pen Withholds Awards
Golden Pen Withholds Awards

The 14th Golden Pen Awards closed in Tehran on Saturday, without conferring awards in any of its five categories.

The closest to the awards were commendation plaques given to the participants.

Commendation plaques were presented to ‘Rain’s Fillip’ by Hamidreza Shekarsari, ‘In Seasons of the Home’ by Davoud Lotfollah and ‘Mud Drips from the Tip of My Pen’ by Seyyed Saeed Hashemi in the category of Poetry for Children and Young Adults. As for the Poetry for Readers of Age category, ‘Excuses’ by Parvaneh Nejati received a commendation plaque, ISNA reported.

Well-known writer Razieh Tojjar, 69, who was on the jury said, “Having reviewed the works written for various age groups, I can say with sadness that creative and lasting works were few.”

It is unfortunate that there is a decline in serious and creative literature related to the Sacred Defense (1980-1988 Iraq-Iran war) and on the 1979 Islamic Revolution, she noted.

“There have been numerous instances of plagiarism from old sources with the purpose of making new books. Of other works that we could do better without are abridgements of classic works.”

“Just as regretful is the lack of creative works that could represent cultural traces of Iran, Islam and the country’s ethnic groups,” Tojjar added.

Literary awards are part of a country’s literary identity, said Seyyed Abbas Salehi, cultural deputy at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. The closing function was held at the Art Bureau of the Islamic Propagation Organization.

In the category of Literary Critics and Research, ‘A Study in Terminology and Principles of Narratives from Sacred Defense’ by Ahmad Shakeri was given praise and a plaque.

‘Returned’ by Anousheh Monadi, ‘A Princess in Subway’ by Mohadeseh Goudarznia and ‘The Last Leave’ by Aqil Barzegar were winners of commendation plaques in the category of Story for Children and Young Adults. And ‘The End of a Role’ by Jalal Tavakoli and ‘Eduardo’ by Behzad Daneshgar, books addressing an older audience, also received praise.

The Golden Pen Awards was founded by Iran’s Pen Association to help appreciate the best books in poetry, fiction and literary critics and research. The award ceremony is usually held on July 4, National Pen Day, each year. But this year’s event was postponed to after the fasting month of Ramadan, and held on July 9.