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Swedish Woman Runner’s Book and Movie on Iran

Swedish Woman Runner’s Book and Movie on Iran Swedish Woman Runner’s Book and Movie on Iran

The Swedish female runner Kristina Palten who ran 1,840 km across Iran to break preconceived ideas about the country is working on a book and a documentary movie which will portray her Iran journey.

Overwhelmed by the kindness of the people she met and adventures she experienced in Iran, Palten is now trying to collect all her memories in one place, YJC reported.

Last year, over a period of two months, Palten ran across Iran, starting from the borders near Turkey in the northwest to the snow-covered mountains in the northeast near Turkmenistan.

She began her journey on August 20 and finished on October 20. To finish the marathon in two months, she ran an average of 37 km per day.

Throughout the journey, she only carried ‘Baby Blue’, her light blue three-wheel pushchair that held 25 kg of her baggage including a tent, a sleeping bag, books and repair gear.

She chose Iran for three main reasons: the beautiful natural landscape, the long distance, and her own prejudices against the country.

Despite no prior connection to Iran, Palten wanted to develop her own understanding of the country beyond what was portrayed by the western media.

She believes while many people are influenced by the mainstream media’s negative portrayal of Iran, those who have travelled to Iran have a completely different opinion.

“Along the way you discover not only about other people but more about yourself too. It is a process of constant self-discovery and self-development,” she said.

 Overwhelming Hospitality

In many interviews during her journey, and afterwards, she appreciated Iranian hospitality and compassion and spoke highly of the country’s rich culture and traditions.

The Iran tour has proved that a woman can run across the Islamic country all alone with no problems at all. She said she enjoyed her stay in Iran very much.

Because of the overwhelming hospitality, Palten was welcomed into the homes of 34 families. Arriving in Iran with 25 kg of luggage, she left with 40 kg, including gifts of paintings, books and scarves.

Now after leaving Iran, her message to the Iranian people is “Be proud of your generosity!”

The 44-year-old Swedish ultra-runner holds two world records for running: 322.93 km in 48 hours on the treadmill and 107.49 km in 12 hours on the treadmill. In 2013, Palten ran 3,262 km between Turkey and Finland, passing through eight countries over the course of three months.