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Cartoons SpeakCartoons Speak

Iranian cartoonist, Mahboobeh Pakdel, who won the grand prize of the 18th edition of Porto Cartoon World Festival, organized by the Portuguese National Museum of the Press in April, says caricatures are an efficient medium to convey a critical appraisal of important issues.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency on Thursday, she said she had submitted two works to the jury of the festival, one on the theme of ‘ global understanding’ which was awarded the grand prize and the other, which was appreciated by the jury, on the free theme section of the event.

“I showed the lack of human understanding to the treatment of refugees, in contrast with the theme of the festival which was on global understanding. The jury liked my critique of global understanding.”  Immigration is a hot topic of the day, she added.

Praising the showcasing of the winning works of the previous editions of the festival across the streets of the coastal Portuguese city of Porto, she said artistic works are rooted in the society and people.

“Artists try to attract people via cartoons, through drawings and captions that are enigmatic, to make people think,” Pakdel said.

Street displays enhance the artistic understanding of the people. “Porto now has a lot of artistic elements which are inspired by the works of winners of the festival.”

Cartoon is a strong artistic medium to convey important messages. Pakdel described the art form as “an international language enabling people across the world to communicate without the need for translation.” Anybody from any country can understand a cartoon and the message of the work.