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‘Transmitters’ on Stage

‘Transmitters’ on Stage‘Transmitters’ on Stage

A science-based play titled ‘Transmitters’ is on stage at Tehran’s Iranian Artists Forum.

“The play is based on scientific research on the number of cells and chemical messengers in the brain, including neurotransmitters,” Honaronline quoted Hamidreza Mahnani, director and dramatist of the play as saying.

“If we apply this science in our lives, we can do anything. A few examples are included in the play; what we have staged has a realistic structure, sometimes real and sometimes surreal,” Mahnani said.

“The play is about three individuals who are scientifically knowledgeable but financially in distress. This may seem cliché at first,” he said.  But it was a challenging task to dramatize such a scientific idea which saw a lot of research.

The play is simple, and so are the settings; this time ‘Transmitters’ will wrap up in 18 performances. “I believe the play deserves more,” he said.

The cast includes Saeed Salemi, Shideh Beig and Mahnani himself. They have two different styles in their acts, one in real context; the other in surreal sense. “It was tough practice during the rehearsals, but the end results were good.”

The play will run through July 20. It starts at 6 pm at the Master Entezami Hall.