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Book House Offering Discount

Book House Offering DiscountBook House Offering Discount

As part of the ‘Summer Program for Books’ that starts from Wednesday, July 6, the Book House Institute in Tehran will offer discounts on all book purchases.

The month-long program is initiated by the non-government institute to promote reading culture, particularly among children and young adults. Over 500 book stores in the 31 provinces have joined the program.

Until August 5, the bookshops will offer 25% discount on children’s books and 20% on other books, while the Book House Institute will sell books with a 35% off, ISNA reported.

People can buy discounted books up to 1 million rials ($27) worth.

The institute supports library research and book releases on prominent figures and their works in philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, art, literature and many other subjects.

The institute’s discount offers are available at its premises at No 1080, Southern Saba St, Enqelab Avenue.