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Mirkarimi’s ‘Daughter’ Wins 3 Awards in Moscow

Mirkarimi’s ‘Daughter’ Wins 3 Awards in MoscowMirkarimi’s ‘Daughter’ Wins 3 Awards in Moscow

The Iranian feature film ‘The Daughter’ directed by the prominent filmmaker Reza Mirkarimi won three awards at the closing ceremony of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) on Thursday, June 30, in Russia.

Iran’s only movie in the competition section, ‘The Daughter’ won the Main Prize of the festival known as Golden George for the best film and Farhad Aslani won the Silver George award for the best actor, ISNA reported.

Receiving his award on stage, Mirkarimi, whose ‘As Simply as That’ had won the Golden George 8 years ago, said, “This is the second time I am receiving this prize. Both films were centered on protecting family values which is ignored these days creating problems for humanity.”  He dedicated the prize to his daughter Sara.

Competing with 11 other films, Mirkarimi’s eighth feature is about a family living in the southwestern city of Abadan, Iran, in which the younger daughter, Setareh, tries to prove her independence in the face of her father’s opposition with her solo trip to Tehran.

Despite her father’s objections, Setareh boards the flight to Tehran. Her disobedience ignites a series of incidents that upset the calm and tranquility of the paterfamilias.

Mirkarimi also received Aslani’s prize for the best actor (in the father’s role) in his absence. According to the jury, Aslani was recognized as the winner for his believable performance and ability to communicate with the audience. “I never cast an actor twice in my films but Aslani is an exception,” Mirkarimi said.

He also appreciated the performance of veteran actress Merila Zarei (in the mother’s role) and first timer Mahoor Alvand (Setareh), the lead actresses in the film.

Aslani had performed in Mirkarimi’s ‘A Cube of Sugar’ in 2011.

Following the audience polls results, ‘The Daughter’ was the second film preferred by the audience among the total 12 films in the competition.

 Constructive Message

The 50-year-old filmmaker also received the Prize of the Russian Film Clubs Federation for the best film in the Main Competition which described it as a movie with “constructive, humane and sensitive message”.

Russian critics of MIFF Daily also welcomed the film. Igor Savelyev said Mirkarimi has used facial features to create a psychological atmosphere. “It seems as though Reza Mirkarimi is first and foremost a physiognomist. And curiously enough, the real protagonist of the film raising the topic of women’s rights is not young Setareh, but her father Ahmad. Seemingly a simple, narrow-minded man, he does everything “right”, but it is his face that gives away his genuine confusion,” he wrote.

Iran cinema involves “arousing deep sentiments” said the Russian News Agency Sputnik quoting a Russian viewer, and wrote, “The movie is exciting and teaches us to feel a lot of things. Iranian movies are always expected to show a very deep understanding of life and human relations. Such a thin relationship between generations and between men and women which is particularly important in the East are among the amazing characteristics of Iran cinema”.

‘The Daughter’ made a debut at the 34th Fajr Film Festival in February and won the best music score award for composer Mohammadreza Aliqoli. Last month, Mirkarimi received the best film award for the film at the ‘First Night of Cinema’, a first celebration of the local Cinema Daily newspaper.

The Russian event was the first international presence for the movie which is now on screen in Iran cinemas.