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Tehran Summer Concerts

Tehran Summer Concerts Tehran Summer Concerts

Eighteen musical performances for the summer months and eight albums were given permits by the Music Department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, last week.

The earliest concert is by Ehsan Khaje Amiri’s band, named after its singer, at Milad Hall of the Tehran International Permanent Fairground on July 7-11. The band will perform the songs ‘Tanhaee’ (Loneliness), ‘Payiz’ (Autumn), ‘Eshq’ (Love), ‘Gozashteha’ (The Past) among others, Honaronline reported.

The Milad Hall will feature several concerts this summer. Majid Yahyaee’s ensemble will perform on July 13. ‘Shock’ music band, led by vocalist Farzad Farzin, will perform on July 19-20 and August 13. Maziar Fallahi’s band will have two rounds of performance on July 24 and Xanyar Khosravi’s pop band has booked the hall on the following day.

Tehran Flute Choir, led by Master Firouzeh Navaee, will perform an instrumental concert at the Roudaki Hall on July 25-28. The concert starts at 9:00 pm and features compositions by Korsakov, Mozart, Doppler and Piazzolla.

Sharqi ensemble, led by Saman Ehteshami, will perform choral pieces at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on August 3-4. The performance includes instrumental solo in Shoushtari traditional style, a piano duet of ‘Gol-Shaqayeq’ (Poppy Flower) and ‘Isfahani chahar-mezrab’ (four plectra) and other pieces.

The music ensemble ‘Hamnavazan-e Hesar,’ led by composer Ali Qamsari, will perform a concert at Roudaki Hall on August 5, 11 and 12, at 9 pm. The concert includes the compositions ‘Zakhmehaye Penhani’ (Hidden Wounds), ‘Kamhoseleha’ (Impatient Ones), ‘Ganj-e Gomshodeh’ (Lost Treasure) and a ‘chahar-mezrab’ piece in Nava dastgah or musical modal system in traditional Persian music. The ensemble will also perform instrumental and vocal improvised pieces.

On August 11, Milad Hall will see a performance by Mehdi Yarahi’s ensemble and on the following day by singer and composer Fereydoun Asraee’s band.

 Traditional Ensemble

Traditional music ensemble Gousheh, led by Siamak Aqaee who is also the group’s vocalist, will perform at Vahdat Hall on August 12. They will perform pieces like ‘Pishdaramad’ (Prologue), ‘Saz o Avaz’ (Instrument and Song), Hijazi chahar-mezrab and ‘Baz Eshq’ (Love Again).

Avaye Parsian ensemble, led by Saman Alipour, will have a folk music performance on August 18 at Roudaki Hall. Alipour will perform also as vocalist of the group.

Pop singer and composer Babak Jahanbakhsh performance is scheduled for August 18-19 and September 15.

Lian music group, led by Mohsen Sharifian, will perform pieces like ‘Mahaleh-Khodomouni’ (Our Own Neighborhood) at Vahdat Hall on September 10-21. Aka Safavi will sing Lian’s pieces.

Niavaran Cultural Center will feature two performances of contemporary classical music on August 22-23. Italian pianist Giovanni Guidi leads his distinctive trio for the two nights. The ensemble is comprised of an Italian and a Portuguese artist. They will improvise Guidi’s own composition of ‘City of Broken Dreams’ and ‘Promised Day’.

Classical music ensemble Pars Orchestra, led by composer Nasser Nazar, will perform children’s pieces at Vahdat Hall on September 28-30. Their performance is accompanied by a choir.