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149 Foreign Media representatives in Tehran

149 Foreign Media representatives in Tehran149 Foreign Media representatives in Tehran

A total of 149 foreign media outlets including TV and radio channels, news agencies, print media and photo institutions have permission from the Foreign Media Department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to work in Iran.

Form the total, 98 are from Islamic countries, Director General of the Foreign Media Department Mohammad Jafar Safi told an IRIB Radio news program on Sunday.

The foreign media have 299 journalists including reporters, cameramen and photographers in news coverage for Iran. Among them are 201 Iranians and 98 non-Iranians, Mehr News Agency reported.

Speaking on media offices with no representatives in Iran, Safi said, they “are granted temporary permission on request.” Only 29 countries have media representatives in Tehran, 11 from the Islamic world and 9 from Europe.”

Of the 29 nations, 20 have employed foreign staff mostly from Asian countries. There are  five reporters from Europe. Iraq has the largest number of representatives with 18.

Among the 149 foreign media, 77 are TV and radio channels, 34 news agencies, 27 journals and 11 photo institutions covering and broadcasting on local, regional and international issues in and related to Iran.

Of the 77 TV and radio channels, 40 belong to the Islamic countries, namely Al-Manar, Al-Mayadeen, Asia Lebanon, Al-Ittijah, Al-Forat, Biladi, Al-Ahd, Hilal, Quds and Ulusal.