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‘Reflection’ on View at Shirin Gallery

‘Reflection’ on View at Shirin Gallery‘Reflection’ on View at Shirin Gallery

A group painting exhibition titled ‘Reflection’ is on view at Shirin Art Gallery in Tehran.

Curated by the young artist Saeed Ahmadzadeh, the exhibit includes works from 12 emerging painters all with a common interest in creating dynamic and paradoxical situations, said a press release from the gallery.

The paintings created are “beyond sheer form.” In their works, objective materials have been employed on a conceptual foundation. The result is somehow poetical and sometimes can bring about surprising interpretations.

The exhibited works lay emphasis on returning to fundamentals of the classical and romantic painting styles; works which often consider physical and allegorical layers at the same time, in defining existing situations.

“Conceptual layers however are concerned with complementary statements based on a metaphorical arrangement which resemble fear, suffering, games and the nostalgia of life,” Ahmadzadeh said.

Another common point is employing women subjects. An unconscious sense of identification is born within the mind of the audience on facing the paintings and realities reflected therein.

“Reflections and perceptions are codes for a reevaluation. Conceptual symbols and collages through new values, defy former arrangements, and sometimes emphasize the difficulty or simplicity of the present reality; this outlook is the definition of the core and ideal characteristic of these paintings,” the artist said.

Pantea Baghdadi, Kiana Ghasemlou, Fereshteh Fathalizadeh, Fatemeh Sadeghi, Asal Dinbali, Fereshteh Foroughi, Roghayeh Kazemi, Targol Behmehr, Yasaman Fouladi, Hamed Nazmdeh, Rozita Barmar and Maryam Farhand are the artists whose works are showcased.

Ahmadzadeh, 35, holds a master’s degree in paintings. He is a member of the Paris International Artists Association. He was the winner of the seventh National Biennial of Iranian Contemporary Painting. He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad.

The exhibition is on view through July 13 at the gallery located at No. 5, 13th Alley, Sanaiee Street.