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Etesami’s Childhood in Animation

Etesami’s Childhood in AnimationEtesami’s Childhood in Animation

An animation series named ‘Pink Dress’ based on contemporary female poetess Parvin Etesami’s childhood life is set for production, MNA reported.

Script writer, Soheila Alavizadeh, whose script won the jury award at the 8th Parvin Etesami Film Festival, said her script aims at showing Etesami’s life style and family relationships, especially her relationship with her father “which was most effective in shaping her character.”

The writer spent months of research on different aspects of Etesami’s life, which she compiled in a book before writing the script. The research also produced invaluable data on Etesami’s life, which she referred to for writing the script for ‘Pink Dress’.

Regarding the reason for choosing Etesami’s childhood for the animation script, Alavizadeh, who is a writer of children and adolescent books, pointed to the important role of childhood in shaping one’s character and said, “to depict Etesami’s innocent and emotional character which she possessed in her entire life, I chose to portray her childhood, since I believe one’s character is greatly influenced by his/her childhood period.”