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‘Winter Experience’ on Show

‘Winter Experience’ on Show‘Winter Experience’ on Show

A group art project, ‘Winter Experience’ by Iranian artists is currently on view at the newly-opened E1 Art Gallery in Tehran.

The series features 22 well-known painters, who have portrayed “people-oriented pictures, giving the viewers a less-worked social concept,” Honaronline reported.

Curated by artist Zartosht Rahimi, the exhibition focuses on the painters of today who have created the pictures of people, as perceived in their mind, during the winter protests leading to the February 1979 Islamic Revolution, and mostly focus on women.

 “That is why the title has winter,” said Rahimi and the artists have freely conveyed their mental visions; the visitors are free to make their own perception.”

He says it is exciting to see the unique features of characters during revolts and protests, which have been highlighted in the pictures in expressive and figurative styles.

“The exhibition is not a mere congregation of artists, but is a friendly gathering of different viewpoints by contemporary modernist painters, concerning human feelings.”

They might present totally abstract forms, as artist Nasrollah Moslemian does, or take a step forward to Pop Art, Art Deco, Op Art or conceptual presentation of their mental images like artist Behnam Kamrani, he noted.

Among the other artists participating in the show are Manouchehr Motabar, Rozita Sharaf-Jahan, Afshin Pirhashemi, Mehrdad Moheb-Ali, Ahmad Morshedlou, Farshid Maleki and Shahram Karimi.

‘Winter Experience’ will receive visitors through June 29 at the venue, located at No.1, Hamid Alley, Lesani St., Mahdieh Ave., Elahieh neighborhood.