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French Fashion Training Program in Sept.

French Fashion Training Program in Sept.French Fashion Training Program in Sept.

France will collaborate in holding fashion training courses in Iran from September.

Co-organized by Tehran Garment Union (TGU) and France’s ‘Institute Francais de la Mode’ (IFM), the courses will present information on the apparel industry, marketing, designing and production, Honaronline quoted Mohammad-Javad Sedqamiz, head of TGU as saying.

“In the coming fall, we will have a professional seminar on the subject, with the participation of over 100 top local apparel producers and brands, followed by a 3-day training course to be held by outstanding fashion artists and experts from France and Italy,” Sedqamiz said.

The sessions will focus on marketing, creative collection design and quality in the clothing sector based on international standards.

“We are trying to introduce more valuable knowledge in the field and promote Iranian apparel at international levels, than merely issuing academic certificates,” he said.

However, participants in the training sessions will receive certification from the IFM.

“This program will provide activists in the field with a good opportunity to attend professional courses in their home country and avoid the lengthy and expensive education in foreign institutions.”

Pointing to the importance of fashion knowledge and marketing, he said: “Iran is a long way from professionalism in the apparel industry, and interactions with foreign experts in the field will help.”

A group of selected designers and producers will have a training tour in Paris after the course concludes. “The Iranian group will visit major fashion companies in France, to get familiar with their working process.”

The TGU is trying to make up for the stagnation in the domestic apparel industry by introducing high quality standards to compete with international brands.