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Surreal Works at Sohrab Gallery

Surreal Works at Sohrab GallerySurreal Works at Sohrab Gallery

The latest painting collection by artist Ali Soltani, titled ‘30 Years of Pure Surrealism’ was inaugurated at the newly-opened Sohrab Art Gallery’s branch 2, in Tehran on Friday.

The exhibition features over 40 surreal paintings which are reflections of the artist’s mental pictures of important events that he has experienced in life, Honaronline reported.

Each painting has a unique characteristic which seems like a dream portrayed, some in colorful figures and some in black and white. Human faces and hands are striking in his paintings.

In surreal paintings, forms play an important role, opening a new door to the psychological dimension of the field. Each line and figure represents something originating in the artist’s subconscious.

“I used painting to depict and pour out what I had in mind. Abstract painting helps better convey emotions through the forms, although not all the figures in my paintings are absolutely abstract. They are combinations of the real world and my mental images,” Soltani said.

Each painting portrays an event that has occurred in his life, he says. “Looking at my works altogether is as if I’m turning the pages of my memory book. I hope I have conveyed the emotions to the visitors.”

Born in Tehran, Soltani, 47, a painter and sculptor, studied at the University of La Laguna in the Canary Archipelago (Spain). He also took private sculpture training from Iranian avant-garde painter, poet, and sculptor Jazeh Tabatabaei, and attended Photoshop classes at the Technical Institute of Tehran in 1997.

Soltani has held numerous solo and group exhibits in Iran and abroad since 1996.

The exhibition will continue through July 5 at the newly-opened venue, located at No.11, Kachouei st., Evin Ave., Chamram Highway.