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Divine Names in Calligraphy Works

Divine Names in Calligraphy WorksDivine Names in Calligraphy Works

An exhibition by contemporary calligraphy and calligram artists opened at the Iranian Art Museum Garden in Tehran on June 15.

Titled ‘Rabbana’ (Our Lord) it features 40 works of art by veteran and well-known artists, mostly showing divine names, Honaronline reported.

The various qualities of the Creator are described in different divine names in all traditions. The holy Qur’an says God has many names in Islam. “To Him Belong the Best Names (Lahu Al-Asmao Al-Husna), examples like Ar-Rahman (the Entirely Merciful), Ar-Rahim (the Especially Merciful)”.

The exhibition is organized with the support of the Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality, said Reza Bani-Ardalan, event secretary and a member of ‘Kajo-Rast’ Art Group, whose artworks are displayed. “I’m honored to start my practice in art in such a sacred theme with my companions,” he said.

The exhibition includes works by outstanding figures in calligraphy. The works of great Iranian artists has been borrowed from art collectors, in order to provide a chance for the visitors to see and enjoy the different styles and approaches in Persian calligraphy and calligram art.

Artists Ahmad Ariamanesh, Gholamhossein Amirkhani, Mohammad Ahsaei, Salar Ahmadian, Nasrollah Efjeie, Mohammad Bozorgi, Omid Khakbaz and Taha Behbahani are among the artists whose works are on display.

 Roots in Ancient Persian

Saeid Naqashan, a member of the jury for selecting the best among the submitted works, said: “Calligram is not a newly-emerged branch and is rooted in ancient Persian calligraphy. In the exhibition, we followed a hierarchical order of setting works on the walls, starting from the oldest to the most recent ones.”

The opening ceremony was attended by Mohammad Beheshti-Shirazi, deputy head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization,  Ali Moradkhani, deputy minister in Art Affairs at the Culture Ministry, Ahmad Masjed-Jamei, a Tehran City councilor and Alireza Sami-Azar, a former head of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art.

The exhibition will receive visitors through July 1 at the venue, located at No. 30, Darbandi Ave., Tajrish Square.