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Iranian Play in Paris, Amsterdam

Iranian Play in Paris, AmsterdamIranian Play in Paris, Amsterdam

An Iranian play, titled ‘Red Elephant’, directed by Morteza Mir-Montazami will soon be staged in France and the Netherlands.

 A production of ‘Mashgh’ theater group, the play is a sequel to an earlier show, titled ‘Frequency’, in which human loneliness as a consequence of the bitter results of war was portrayed.

“If we wish to live in peace we must respect each others’ rights but we do the exact opposite,” ISNA quoted Mir-Montazami as saying.

The story is about a military commander who has just returned home from war, where he meets people with different character and traits, said the director.

Since its production in 2012, the play has not been staged in Iran, heading straight for international performances.  Amsterdam will host the ‘Red Elephant’ on June 23 and 24 and Paris on June 28 and 29.

Earlier in 2015, the play participated in Japan’s International Theater Festival as it’s 7th international performance, beside other Mir-Montazami’s works, including ‘Clouds’ and ‘P2’, as well as two short films titled ‘Silent’ and ‘On Branches’.

In the earlier performances, the play had a solo actor, but following some changes to the script, there are three roles now to the story.

Mohammad-Hossein Siahpoush, Sepideh Sabagh, and Kaveh Rahmati are the cast.

Mir-Montazami, 33, is a theater artist, stage and apparel designer. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theater directing from Azad University of Tehran.  He won the best director prize of the Theater Forum’s Directors ceremony, and best stage designing prize at the 17th International Festival of University Theater in Iran.

He has also staged plays in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Armenia, Russia, and South Korea.