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Largest Theater Center to Open in Southeast Tehran

Largest Theater Center to Open in Southeast TehranLargest Theater Center to Open in Southeast Tehran

The construction of Iran’s largest professional theater center has been completed and will be inaugurated soon in Tehran.

Located in southeast part of the metropolis, Khavaran Professional Theater Center (also called Tehran Theater Campus) will address the shortage of cultural space as it will be host to theater performances, film screenings, concerts, exhibitions and workshops, said Alireza Jafari, managing director of Tehran Municipality Cultural Spaces Development Company.

In order to meet the needs of artists for a professional center and with emphasis on narrowing the social and cultural gap between the northern and southern parts of the rapidly expanding capital, the center was established and will become operational in summer, Honaronline reported.

It comprises a main theater hall with a capacity for 1000 people and four smaller ones of 150 seats for experimental plays. There is also a special hall for puppet shows which can accommodate 120 people. Designed according to world standards and equipped with the state-of-the art devices, including a moving six-meter deep stage, a side-by-side shooting system and professional projectors, the center can also host international events.

There is also a library, restaurant, shopping center and children’s playroom so that visitors can do more than just watch plays and make the most of their time.

Situated in District 15, (Kahavaran neighborhood), the theater center is built on 2,800 sq. m. in an area of 16,000 sq. m next to Khavaran Cultural House. Also, 3,500 sq. meters of open space is allocated to traditional and ethnic performances.

“Developing cultural spaces in the southern neighborhoods will help provide the youth with cultural activities and entertainment and keep them busy, and thus help in reducing social harm,” Jafari said.

He pointed to the construction of cultural centers in deprived areas, especially for the young people, to make the best of their leisure time so that they don’t get drawn to anti-social activities.

District 15 which covers the southeastern part of Tehran is inhabited mostly by working class families with low income and such centers can help them spend their leisure time on being culturally productive.

Currently, most of the theater halls (private or affiliated to the government) are located in central Tehran with a few scattered in eastern, western, and northern areas. The new center will surely play an important role in the development of culture and art among the residents.

Tehran Book Garden, Saba Experimental Theater Center and renovation of artists’ old houses are among the other projects of Tehran Municipality Cultural Spaces Development Company which will be completed by next March.