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Gilan Folklore Music Concert in Late July

Gilan Folklore Music Concert in Late JulyGilan Folklore Music Concert in Late July

The ‘Gill and Amard’ folk music band from Rasht in northern Gilan Province directed by musician Naser Vahdati, is preparing to hold a music concert with new repertoires on July 27 and 28 at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall.

The concert will be performed in two parts, including the unique folkloric music ‘Tasht Zani,’ Mehr News Agency quoted Vahdati as saying.

Tasht Zandi is a traditional music performance by rural women in the province, while they are busy working. They use a tub, normally used in everyday life for washing clothes, and they tap on its back melodically, as entertainment.

Although the technique is not registered and the tub is not a professional instrument, it can be a good means of performing music, because the sound it makes is so much similar to some of today’s common percussion instruments, Vahdati added.

Tasht Zani is considered a sort of music art among the local people, he said, adding: “I guess it would be interesting for the audience to experience a new sound from a less seen instrument!”

Recalling a Croatian music festival, he said: “At the event, the music bands performed with a high variety of instruments, among which many were not much known. They created new and beautiful sounds, elating the audience.”

“What I learned was that it is ok to add new experiences to the formal and common techniques of performance; using less common and regional music instruments in formal concerts is innovation in music.”

Pointing to the new and different repertoire that the band is preparing for the event, Vahdati hoped that the audience would enjoy the performance.

Talks are underway to invite musicians from Mazandaran Province to create a bigger group, in order to plan a music event in Austria, he said.