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Iranian Artwork in Swiss Gallery

Iranian Artwork in Swiss GalleryIranian Artwork in Swiss Gallery

Iranian artist Sara Ashrafi will put her latest collection on display at ‘Maison de la treille’ art gallery in the Swiss city of Sion.

Slated for June 22 to 28, the exhibition, the artist’s fourth solo, will feature 20 paintings in different sizes, Honaronline reported.

Titled ‘The Cryptic Children of Abstract World’, the paintings imply that “human eyes are the very first windows through which pictures enter the mind and begin their eternal life in an infinite deep world,” said the artist.

“My works mostly thematize human beings and issues related to them. The theme is repeated in all my collections, including the latest, since I don’t agree changing the main idea behind the works as that might fragment the solidity of ideas flowing through the paintings.”

In a note on the exhibition, the artist said: “Some images are born in our minds and some enter them, yet both are alive conveying certain emotions and actions. The pictures are enigmatic citizens living in our mental world, which may change over time or under the influence of various emotions. The paintings displayed are a reflection of my mental pictures.”  

Ashrafi, 35, is a graduate in graphics from Azad University of Tehran and is currently a member of the Iranian Painters Association (IPA). She started her painting career in 1994, when she was only 13.

When she was 19, she became the artistic manager of ‘Gonbad-e Kaboud’ (literally blue-sky) teenagers’ daily. Ashrafi wrote short surreal stories for the readers, as well as illustrations. The activity shaped her profession and simple lines and curves in her drawings turned into serious paintings.

At first she worked with gouache and watercolor, and later continued her practice with acrylic and oil painting.

Ashrafi held her first two solo exhibitions in Tehran’s Naar Art Gallery in 2013 and her third at Negah Art Gallery in 2014.