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Topography in Paintings

Topography in PaintingsTopography in Paintings

The latest works by painter Pante’a Baghdadi are on show at Shokouh Art Gallery in Tehran.

The series include 14 mixed media paintings on canvas created in different sizes. The paintings are a combination of human faces and topographic maps of different cities, in traditional and repetitive patterns,”to imply that the environment, situation and living areas affect human beings, “Honaronline reported.

“People subconsciously follow the rules and cultural norms of the areas they reside in,” said the artist.

Being affected by life situations and places doesn’t mean the people portrayed are weak, said Baghdadi.

“I don’t mean to show that they have surrendered to their difficulties; rather I want to say that the pressures or ups and downs in life could become a motivation for progress and change; on a road full of twists and turns, a driver faces challenges, yet it is these challenges that improve his driving skills.”

Explaining the title of the collection, ‘Gap’, she said: “I mean to imply that there are moments in life when we face barriers. That is when we learn to explore the best way out of such situations through wise decisions. I don’t like failure and would rather like to think that people always win in the game of life.”

The paintings are set in horizontal or vertical pieces, creating polyptychs. Colors are used based on the impressions; sometimes light and pale and sometimes bright and energetic.

Baghdadi, 35, holds a master’s degree in architecture from Tehran Azad University. ‘Gap’ is her second solo exhibition, which will be on view until June 21 at the gallery, located at No. 19, Amir Nouri St., Andarzgou Blvd., Farmanieh neighborhood.