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President Congratulates Karatekas

President Congratulates KaratekasPresident Congratulates Karatekas

President Hassan Rouhani congratulated the Iranian male and female Karate teams for winning 5 medals in the World Karate Championships.

In his message to the Karate teams as well as the Iranian nation and the sports community on Monday, President Rouhani expressed gratitude to the contestants and their coaches for the hard work, IRNA reported.

The 22nd Karate World Championship, which started last Wednesday with the participation of 887 representatives from 116 countries in the city of Bremen, Germany, ended on Sunday evening.

In the final match between men’s teams in Kumite, Iran defeated Germany, the host of the competitions, and secured a gold medal.

 Sixth Place

This is the first time Iran’s Kumite team succeeded to win gold in a world championship tournament. The Iranian team won bronze in France (2012) and Spain (2002).

Iran’s women’s team, participating in the competition for the first time, finished third place, to win the bronze medal.

Hamideh Abbasali and Sajjad Ganjzadeh took silver medals each and Amir Mehdizadeh won another bronze for Iran.

Winning one gold medal, two silver medals and two bronze, Iran ranked sixth in this year’s round of the competitions.