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Joy on Canvas in Amani’s Works

Joy on Canvas in Amani’s WorksJoy on Canvas in Amani’s Works

Contemporary painter Hojat Amani whose latest collection is currently on view at Tehran’s Negah Art Gallery, believes art is not the means for expressing sorrow, but joy.

Titled ‘Iranian Still Life’, the collection is a result of a long time study and work of the artist, on portraying styles of still life in Iranian art, Honaronline reported.

“I referred to the miniature paintings of Safavid (7th century), Timurid (1370-1405) and Qajar (1785-1925) eras. I found that the artists of Safavid and Timurid eras didn’t depict an object as a real object. For example if they wanted to draw a pomegranate, they just presented an outline, without color and depth”.

“However, Qajar artists used a different approach and created figures of nature, for example fruits, with bright colors and complete form,” said the artist.

He has also studied objects in paintings of old western art and found that the point of view of Iranian artists had a crucial difference. “Western artists put extra focus on the clear realization of objects.”

What Amani has done is to cast a holistic look at the different styles and set the base of his works on Qajar era art, creating paintings neither “so realistic nor merely an outline.”

Careful selection is one of the features of his paintings. “The selection has resulted in smart repeat in forms, for example, peaches, which I’ve used frequently in my works. Composition and setting is also inspired from Qajar paintings, however with a difference.”

Pop art has merged with Iranian style in his works.

He chooses a motif and presents it in various themes and styles and in combination with different details and elements.

“An artist should be like a tree producing joy and elation. I’ve personally experienced war and poverty; everyday something painful might happen. Yet, that is not a good reason to reflect in artworks. Art should be soothing and relaxing.”

He said his paintings are full of bright and energetic colors to give a good feeling to the viewers.

Art enthusiasts can visit the exhibition through June 15 at the venue, located at No. 64, Ghafari St., Jam Ave., Motahari Avenue.