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Tehran in Global Hyper Cities Project

Tehran in Global  Hyper Cities Project Tehran in Global  Hyper Cities Project

Spain’s Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is planning a global summer school project, ‘Hyper Cities’ simultaneously in Tehran and 7 other cities in the world, from July 4 to 17.

The Tehran project is co-organized by City Development and Innovation Corporation, Helioripple Architecture Studio and Platform Architecture Studio, Honaronline said referring to the Global Summer School (GSS) website,

The project is a full-time two-week course that provides both practical and theoretical knowledge on restoring the city’s architectural facades. It comprises three main learning modules, led by expert tutors. In addition, lectures by renowned professionals and academics relevant to the topics will be broadcast in the different node-cities, all globally connected. They will be announced prior to the start of the program.

The ‘Hyper Cities’ is aimed at urban intervention and transferring and digitally inter-relating multiple sets of data collected from hyper-connected cities.

According to the website, “The extent of damage to Tehran’s urban core is so substantial that the Ministry of Urban Development has extensively mapped the damaged sites in 14 of the city’s 22 districts. The project, in collaboration with local municipalities, will create an incision in Tehran’s urban fabric, identifying and investigating specific sites in need of rehabilitation for public benefit.”

 Agents of Change

Students will investigate the phenomena of ‘thick’-mapping, and use algorithmic modeling tools, fabrication techniques (cnc, laser, 3D print), and mine depths of data available (from both sensor boards and pools of online information from municipalities) to envision architectural proposals and installations for the betterment of Tehran’s urban landscape. The propositions attempt to contextualize the citizen’s collective role as agents of change in Tehran’s urban fabric in what will forever be a work in progress.

Nashid Nabian from Iran will deliver her speech online, along with Nader Tehrani and foreign architects Eduardo Cabey, Bradley Cantrell and Luis Fraguada. Besides, Mehran Davari, Ramin Shambayati and Amin Bahrami will also instruct the sessions.

Barcelona, New York, Beijing, Moscow, Mumbai, Monterrey and Beirut are the other cities involved in the project.