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Visual, Performing Arts at International Qur’an Fest

Visual, Performing Arts at International Qur’an FestVisual, Performing Arts at International Qur’an Fest

The Art Section at the 24th International Holy Qur’an Exhibition, which opened on June 7, features over 400 visual artworks.

As in the previous editions, this year the exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, will display works of art in various fields, namely handicraft, films, theater, painting, calligraphy, volume art, illustration, poster designing, calligram and more, Mehr News Agency quoted Asghar Amirnia, artistic director of the exhibition, as saying.

Around 130 works of calligraphy, 60 paintings, 100 calligrams, 15 miniature paintings and illuminated manuscripts, 10 volume arts, 30 photos, 25 posters and 50 caricatures comprise the visual art section.

“In addition, over 150 items, including precious Qur’ans, calligraphy and paintings are borrowed from museums, to be displayed for the visitors,” he said.

The entrances of the venue are decorated with four conceptual works of art.

Explaining the film and theater sections, Amirnia said 30 pantomimes, 50 street shows, and 20 ‘Pardeh-Khani’ (Iranian traditional narration of epic stories painted on a screen) and 70 animations are scheduled for the event, all on Qur’anic themes.

“We are also making arrangements to screen the well- known movie ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ by filmmaker Majid Majidi at the exhibition,” he said.

Over 70 artists in various fields will hold training workshops for enthusiasts and veteran artists who can conduct the workshops will be invited.

The annual exhibition, with the slogan ‘Towards Understanding the Holy Qur’an’ opened at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Mosalla on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan and will continue through June 28.