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Classic Movies Original Posters on Display

Classic Movies Original Posters on DisplayClassic Movies Original Posters on Display

Ace Gallery in Tehran will put on display a selection of original film posters from the world cinema between 1940 and 1970 from Sunday.

The exhibition, to be inaugurated in the presence of artists, cinephiles and visual art fans, will showcase a total of 98 posters, originally printed in the US, France, England and South Africa, Mehr News Agency reported.

The galley walls will be filled with 31 posters for the first 10 days and in two more 10-day periods the posters will change and new ones will replace them.

Besides the exhibit, every night a memorable movie, the poster of which is included, will be screened in the gallery. Classic films such as ‘El Cid’ directed by Anthony Mann (1961), ‘One-Eyed Jacks’ by Marlon Brando (1961), ‘How the West Was Won’ by John Ford (1962), ‘Hatari!’ by Howard Hawks (1962) and ‘Airport 77’ by Jerry Jameson (1977) will be shown in good quality; some in the original language and some dubbed into Persian.

The posters will remain on view to the public for a month at Ace Gallery located at No. 1831, next to Parsian Bank, Qeytariyeh Junction, after Pol-e- Rumi, Shariati Avenue.