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Zandi’s Photo Book on Islamic Revolution

Zandi’s Photo Book  on Islamic Revolution Zandi’s Photo Book  on Islamic Revolution

Iranian veteran photographer Maryam Zandi has decided to publish one of her photo collections on the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Zandi devoted her professional life to photographing the historic developments of that year and the events in the aftermath of the revolution that put an end to the Pahlavi rule (1925-1979). She had earlier published ‘The Revolution of IRAN 79’, a black and white photo collection in 2014, which includes scenes of rallies, and the referendum on creating an Islamic Republic held on March 30 and 31 in 1979, ISNA reported.

“Now, as my latest practice, I have decided to publish photos of incidents after the revolution. One important event covered is the seizure of the US Embassy on November 4, 1979,” said Zandi.

She has received positive feedback from her earlier photo books, and hopes the new work will attract enthusiasts equally.

Maryam Zandi, 70, is best known for her photography during the revolution.  

A graduate from the University of Tehran in the School of Law & Political Sciences, she began her career in 1970 and was awarded with the first prize of the Ministry of Art and Culture’s national photography competition. In 1972, she joined the Iranian national TV-Radio as a photographer and later became public relations photographer of Iranian TV and ‘Tamasha’ magazine.

 Most Influential

In 2010, she received an independent award as the most influential photographer of the year in the Social Documentary Photography Festival (Sheed Award) for supporting the rights of Iranian photographers. In 2014, she won the same prize again, for publishing the book ‘1979 Revolution’.

Zandi has also been active in designing and making glass-works. She has held three exhibitions on her glass art. In the past 40 years, she has been one of the most active and influential photographers of the country.

She has published calendars and postcards designed with her photos in various themes since 2000.

‘Blue with Red Line’ (2008), ‘The Book of Iranian Architects’ (2007), and ‘Iran! My Beloved Flower’ (2006), are among her more recent published works.