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Play on WWII

Play on WWIIPlay on WWII

An Iranian play, titled ‘October 1942, Paris’ directed by Masoud Mousavi is on stage at Sayeh Hall in Tehran City Theater.

The play, written by Milad Hosseini, is about the aftermath of the Nazi occupation of Paris during World War II (1939-1945), Mehr News Agency reported.

The story portrays the life a noble Parisian family, which is deeply affected by the Nazi occupation. Francoise Jabes is a member of the outstanding French family who has raided pro-German French Foreign Legion, lacerating several armies. He is killed by the Nazis and his body hanged from a bridge “to teach a lesson to the citizens.”

His sister, Annette decides to take revenge on the Nazis, while his cousin is elected to be Paris mayor by the Germans, creating a sort of political contradiction in family relations.

Saleh Mirza-Aqaei, well known TV and cinema actor plays the role of the cousin, Clode. He describes his role as “a post-modern Creon,”a figure in Greek mythologywho aggressively preaches the concept of family honor.

“The underlining concept of the show is the contradiction that human beings experience and whichhave existed throughout history.”

 “Clode is a family loving man who tries to protect his loved ones. Although he is excessively tricky and an opportunist, his character has attractive complexities and multi-dimensionality that I like,” Mirza-Aqaei said.

The cast comprises Shiva Khosromehr, Masumeh Aqajani, Reyhaneh Salamat, Saleh Mirza-Aqaei, Rasul Naqavi and Farhad Safaju.

The play will run till June 13.