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Symphony of Peace in Artworks

Symphony of Peace in ArtworksSymphony of Peace in Artworks

A group art project titled ‘Symphony of Peace’ opened on June 10 at Ariana Art Gallery in Tehran.

The project includes paintings and sculptures, thematizing music, by sculptor Naser Palangi, painter Saghar Masoudi and musician Kaveh Afaq, Honaronline reported.

The project sparked from a common idea, said Palangi at a press conference held earlier this week. “The sculptures were created as a collection under the same title two years ago and together with Masoudi and Afaq, we decided to jointly hold the exhibition, combined with paintings.”

Such collaborations and joint projects create harmony among artists, he said.

“Usually in an exhibition, the artist starts a monologue via their artworks which may fade away after some time. However, dialogues in joint projects prepare grounds for sustaining a movement in the field.”

 A rather accepted concept in visual arts is ‘Upcycling’, also known as creative reuse of trash. It is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless and unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. Yet, the concept has not expanded in the art fields so much, although it has potential to be used as a medium of work or art style, Palangi said.

Pointing to the fact that he has used the concept in his sculptures, he hoped to introduce the technique to Iranian artists “so as to help reuse waste in artworks, and create job opportunities for enthusiasts in the field.”

Although art has various forms and mediums, yet it is one with a shared goal, said Masoudi. “Visual arts are not received with the same warmth in Iran as music; however, combined projects could present a fusion of the various arts while strengthening visual art.”

Organized by ‘Pishro’ art and cultural institute, and designed by graphic artist and painter Farideh Zariv, the exhibit will receive visitors through June 22, at the venue located at No. 9, Fereshteh Ave., Elahieh neighborhood.