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Unusual Cycle of Life in ‘Anat’

Unusual Cycle of Life in ‘Anat’Unusual Cycle of Life in ‘Anat’

A Persian play titled ‘Anat’, (literally, stop or pause) written and directed by Amirhossein Asani, is currently underway at Qashqaei Hall in Tehran City Theater.

The play gives the audience an unusual show, because it is neither based on common stage performance nor puppetry and ballet, said Asani, adding that it presents a new portrayal of life from birth to death, through a combination of actors and objects in a unique stage setting, Honaronline reported.

Today, numerous artists are inspired from their immediate surroundings and the social problems of their communities in their creative works, Asani added.

The show is a minimalistic look at life. Everything is revealed through nine windows set on the stage with white decor.  The whole length of the stage is divided into three sections, each with three windows. When a window opens, “a short slice of life is revealed through objects, dolls, faces, hands and feet.”

The cycle of life and the daily routines is the main idea behind the show. “Happiness and good days and sufferings and sorrow are summarized in actions that reveal the emotions, and finally it is death in the shadow of darkness,” said the director.

“This minimalism and simplicity of acts gives food for thought to the viewers about the message I wanted to convey,” he added.

Afsaneh Sarfehjou, Sarvenaz Nankoli, Mahtab Kerkvandi, and Bahar Razizadeh are the cast.

The 45-minute play will run through June 22 at the hall, located at Vali-e Asr and Enqelab Streets junction.