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Poetry and Painting Merge

Poetry and Painting MergePoetry and Painting Merge

Khataei Art Gallery in the northwestern Iranian city of Ardabil hosted a two-dimensional art performance, a first of its kind, on May 31.

The artwork was a combination of visual arts and literature, comprising a painting by artist Mehdi Hamidi and poetry by Vahid Ziaei, Honaronline reported.

Titled ‘Grown in Your Vessels’, the project presented a unique art style with the two artists drawing inspiration from each other. The painter reflected his poetic mentality on canvas, while the poet read out his verses.

“This is a practice to understand modern art with emphasis on creativity. The artwork was created without any preplanning, like something that suddenly comes into the artist’s mind and flows in his veins,” said Ziaei.

The artwork evolved in 5 hours in front of the audience. “In this event, two different works of art were created based on one main idea.”

The duo dedicated their work to artists suffering from cancer.