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New Experiments on Canvas

New Experiments on CanvasNew Experiments on Canvas

A painting collection by 14 young experimental artists is currently on show at Saales Art Gallery in Tehran.

Titled ‘There are More Things’, the young artists “have manifested their talents through their new experiments in the medium of painting,” Honaronline reported.

The artists have the skills and potential to draw the attention of masters of art and art enthusiasts,” said Zartosht Rahimi, exhibition curator. The paintings featured are created on different themes, with more focus on forms, and in a unique kind of way.

“Although different in style and theme, the whole visual effect in the collection shows a connection and the shared or common point of view among the artists; this can be observed through a holistic view of the works,” Rahimi added.

The exhibition aims to provide the opportunity for young artists to be introduced to the public and the art circles. “I’ve followed their artistic practice for one year, and I believe there is a special quality flowing through their works that proves they have enough potential to flourish.”

In a note on the exhibition, Rahimi said:  “Mankind is always exploring the surroundings for new discoveries and this motivation for finding things rare is the root of human achievements and civilization. The exhibit is an attempt to gather talented artists with different approaches and styles, and give them the platform to realize their discoveries.”

Bardia Esmaeil-lou, Elham Etemadi, Shahriar Bourand, Taha Hamed, Mohsen Hesari, Morteza Khosravi, farzad Khalifeh and Ehsan Nasri are among the artists with works on display.

The show will run through June 8 at the gallery, located at No. 148, Karimkhan-e Zand Avenue.