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Vibrant Portrait of Life

Vibrant Portrait of Life  Vibrant Portrait of Life

The exhibition ‘Collecting Tehran: A Multi-Perspective City Portrait’ is on display at Platform 28 Gallery in Tehran.

The showcased works are the output of an eight-day workshop ‘Collecting Tehran’, held prior to the exhibit, consisting of 12 small display cases, revealing the special character of specific sites in Tehran through a collection of objects, reported.

Each display case tells its individual story and the combination of the 12 cases forms a vibrant portrait of daily life in Tehran.

A total of 12 Iranian interdisciplinary participants attended the workshop, supervised by two German designers, Carlotta Werner and Moritz Walter.

Werner is a product designer who has focused on exhibition and sustainable design in development. Her work ranges from the Museum of Innocence for Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk in Istanbul to award-winning cook stoves for Africa.

Walter works as an architect for public buildings in the existing fabrics. For Sunder-Plassmann Architects, he recently finished the redesign of art halls and museums like the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg.

Both designers share an interest in museums and collecting as cultural phenomena. In Oman, they recently organized the workshop ‘Collecting Muscat’ at the German Technical University.

‘Collecting Tehran’ is a follow-up to their extended research in the Middle East countries. This exhibition, together with the workshop, is an attempt to analyze the concept of museum in big cities and to highlight the details of everyday life as compared to the unique works presented in museums.

Platform 28 is a multifunctional space for art, architecture and design which welcomes innovation and creativity. It encourages constructive thoughts and debatable ideas of designers and artists as well as research and borderless cultural exchange.

The exhibit is open to the public until June 10 at Platform 28 located at No.28, Khaghani St., BoorBoor St., S. Mofateh St.