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Spontaneous Art in 7 Cities

Spontaneous Art in 7 CitiesSpontaneous Art in 7 Cities

An art project titled ‘Spontaneous Art’ will be inaugurated in Tehran on June 7 after which it will be presented in seven other cities including Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Rasht, Isfahan and Yazd.

The project will feature artworks from skilled artists in different branches. The viewers will also be able to see the creative process of the artists, Mehr News Agency quote Mehdi Naderi, the project secretary as saying at a recent press conference at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMoCA).

A number of well-known artists in different fields including caricaturist Kambiz Derambakhsh, composer Nader Mashayekhi, photographer Jamshid Bairami and project executive secretary Samira Najafi were present, Mehr News Agency reported.

The idea emerged following frequent trips by Bairami to different regions in Iran, which provided the opportunity for “the spontaneous art idea to bloom,” Naderi said. A beautiful landscape need not necessarily be created in a gallery by an artist, “but it can be deconstructive art, a post-modern phenomenon where the finished visual appearance is characterized by unpredictability. This is what we are trying to simulate during the project.”

“I’ve seen young talented artists who are hesitant and uncertain in processing their initial ideas. The project will open doors to new horizons in art, encouraging the artist to go beyond the standard rules,” said Bairami.

The project is a sort of validation test for artists, which can both prove and examine their skills. Referring to the increasing plagiarism in art, “the project will show the ingenuity of real artists,” said Derambakhsh.

It will involve the audience in the creation process, he said.

Mashayekhi will present an auditory experiment through melody improvisation. “What will happen is not the common cliché event happening everyday in the art scene.”

The inauguration time and place in each city will be without notice and spontaneous, said Naderi. “We want to use the maximum potential of the places where the project team will create the artworks.”

In Tehran, the project will open with the first spontaneous artworks and several video arts including ‘White Station’ by artist Seifollah Samadian, which will be screened at the cinematheque of the TMoCA.